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A BRIEF SAMPLE OF The Other Holy Land (3:58)

This documentary explores the earliest history and growth of Christianity in Asia Minor, now the country of Turkey. Top scholars of archeology and history guide us through three geographical areas – Cappadocia, Ephesus, and Constantinople (Istanbul) – that played a major role in the transformation of a “cult” called Christianity into a world wide religion.

Turkey today is a very modern country, where visitors can still discover secret churches carved out of rock, visit markets and landscapes that seem unchanged over two millennia, gaze on ancient icons, stand amid historic ruins, and walk in the footsteps of St. Paul. And they can do this in a country that is overwhelmingly Muslim, but which welcomes Christians to these holy places.

Viewers of The Other Holy Land experience the contrast between booming modern Turkey and ancient Christian and pagan sites. They rediscover the early communities that welcomed Paul of Tarsus and John the Evangelist. They recall how the Emperor Constantine lifted Christians from persecution and embraced their faith himself, helping to turn it away from a fledgling religion into the institution of Christianity that we know today.

56 minutes

Produced by Mary Frost
Written and Directed by Frank Frost