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A BRIEF SAMPLE OF Therese: Living on Love(3:28)

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When Thérèse Martin died in Lisieux, France, in 1897, at age 24, only a few dozen people had ever heard of her. Now, a century later, millions revere her as St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus. Popes have called her "The greatest saint of modern times." Each year and all around the world, hundreds of thousands of the curious and the faithful buy her autobiography, Story of a Soul. How could this little-known French girl, who spent so much of her life hidden behind the walls of a convent, become so widely known and loved?

Thérèse: Living on Love explores why so many ordinary people from all walks of life are drawn to St. Thérèse, called "The Little Flower." Journalists, psychiatrists, priests and nuns, and scores of people from across the country reflect on her appeal and the continuing fascination with her message.

Thérèse: Living on Love, features insights from journalists Kenneth L. Woodward of Newsweek, Lynn Neary of National Public Radio, Barbara Stewart of the New York Times, and Bishop Patrick Ahern of New York, NY.

Narrated by Joe Campanella

Produced in Association with The Elijah Project
Executive Producer William Hummel
Produced by Mary Frost
Written and Directed by Frank Frost

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